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Welcome Exam weeks!

Actually, exam weeks in ITB begin after Idul Fitri vacation, but not for me. My Exam weeks begin on Oktober 29 2007. My Exam weeks occur for 2 weeks. Oh My God, give me strength to face it! On 2 weeks I will have a hard study!

This is my Mid test schedule:
Tuesday, 10-30-2007 7 am : Telecommunication Traffic Engineering
Friday, 11-2-2007 1 pm : Digital Signal Processing
Saturday, 11-3-2007 9 am : Electromagnetic Fields –> Mid Test on a holiday 😦
Monday, 11-5-2007 4 pm : Communication System
Wednesday, 11-7-2007 2 pm : Data Communication
xxx, xxx : Microprocessor System and Lab

Beside Mid Test, I also have a Lab Works. There are three subject of Lab works, Telecommunication Network (2 of 4 modules left), Microprocessor System (4 of 6 modules left), and Communication System (not even 1 module done). For communication System Lab work, I and my friend don’t know when it will be started. Lately I realiza that this semester only have 7 weeks left, after 7 weeks, I will have final Exam! Wow, can all lab works finished? Only time can answer it.. :p

Wew, so many things to do, especially in this 2 weeks! Okay, enough for today, let’s start! Study study and study! Begin with Digital Signal Processing..!

Rainny night in my boarding house
So Cold, as Cold as my Heart


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